The purpose of this site is to list all the known Vulfpeck and The Fearless Flyers concerts the bands have performed. Each concert is color-coded based on the completeness of the setlist and what videos/audios are available online. Videos are notated as complete, partial in some way, or have a special note (like a guest artist or a change in the song arrangement or band lineup). Photos of the setlists taken at shows will be notated under the concert date and location.

This site will have several regenerations, so the appearance and functionality

will change as the site evolves. I like to edit available fan footage to make full fledged concert films. VULFCERTS has an Instagram and YouTube Channel for fan-made concert films! Links at the bottom of the page.

You can copy links from each concert header to link to a specific show.

If you have any information to help complete missing set lists or links from other sites to videos of songs performed not on the lists, please contact me,

Bill Rudloff, through email at